Primary Newsletter : AY2016-2017 Term 1; July 27th – September 30th, 2016



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End of Year School Awards Ceremony



One if the highlights of any school year is always this very special event that celebrates the achievements of our students. Awards were given for the top students academically, the most improved and those with best effort. We also took time to award those who have been outstanding in Sport, Music and Ren Wen. It was noticeable how many nominations there were for the award for community contributions. Hopefully, all students will be encouraged to improve themselves next year and put themselves into contention to be an award winner. Meanwhile, we say ‘well done’ to all those who were worthy winners this time. We thank the Board members who attended to give the students their prizes.


Sports Day


The day began with the whole school involved in a mass aerobics workout in the stadium – staff too! Every student then had an event to participate in – some running, some in relays and some in fun obstacle races. There was much effort by all involved and we give thanks to Mr Roberts and the teachers who organized an excellent event.



Bandung Field Trip



Tzu Chi School descended upon a Bandung outdoor centre for the very first whole school field trip lasting 3 days. It was a huge success as students completed various activities like archery, batik making, group building exercises, boating and environmental projects. We all completed a walk up into the mountains, through the tea estates and along the river. Everyone slept in tents, many for the first time. The final event was a fun campfire where everyone roasted marshmallows and listened to each others stories about their adventures. The students were complimented on by all who saw them, for their respect and caring nature. We look forward to next year’s trip eagerly.

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